A Danish hotel family

family business for 3 generations

It all began in 1960

Back in 1960, charismatic Hugo Jensen arrived in Northern Jutland along with his wife, Aloisia Bühlmann, who was born in Switzerland. They came to Aalborg to manage the then-ultramodern and nationally renowned eatery, Motel Aalborg, located at the old manor Scheelsminde.

In 1979, Aloisia and Hugo’s son, Peter, along with his wife Mona Jensen, took over the place and began building what has now become Scheelsminde Manor Hotel. Today, it’s Peter and Mona’s daughter, Anemette Bühlmann, who is leading the family business alongside her husband, Danni Bühlmann.

from 1 to 6 hotels

Unique hotels - a common foundation

Since 1960, the Bühlmann Family has grown, and the group now consists of six unique hotels in Jutland – Scheelsminde in Aalborg, Nørre Vosborg in Vemb, Airport Hotel in Aalborg, Villa Provence in Aarhus, Peak 12 Hotel in Viborg, and Pier 5 Hotel in Aalborg.

Even though all the Bühlmann hotels are different and have their own unique features, they all operate based on the same core values: care, flexibility, presence, passion, and respect.



We work for a sustainable future.

In the Bühlmann Family, we share the ambition of being a sustainable hotel chain with a focus on green solutions. We have developed the Bühlmann Believe concept, which illustrates our ambitious environmental policy throughout the entire group.

Throughout the entire group, the sustainable mindset is deeply embedded in everything we do. Meet, for example, the receptionist who has replaced the paper notepad with digital tools, the chef who prioritizes organic and local ingredients in the kitchen, the housekeeper who uses environmentally certified cleaning products, the hotel manager who invests in locally sourced furnishings, and the waiter who recommends the organic red wine in the restaurant.

Greenhouse at Scheelsminde


Rød løber på Scheelsminde


Hotel Scheelsminde is a charming manor house where you can enjoy delicious gastronomy, wonderful meeting and conference facilities, and beautiful natural surroundings close to the center of Aalborg.

Hovedbygning på Nørre Vosborg


Nørre Vosborg is a historic manor house located south of Vemb. Look forward to beautiful nature and wildlife, delicious gastronomy, and a wide range of meeting and conference facilities.

Facade på Airport Hotel


Airport Hotel is located right next to Aalborg Airport and offers 64 stylish rooms. The hotel also features a restaurant and bar, a lounge with a fireplace, and a fantastic rooftop terrace.

Facade på Villa Provence


Villa Provence is a French oasis located in the heart of Aarhus city center. The hotel offers Provencal style, a charming courtyard, and unique hotel rooms with authentic details from Southern France.

RAIS8655-1600px (2)


Peak 12 Hotel is a newly built and stylish design hotel located in the heart of Viborg. The hotel offers modern facilities, sustainable solutions, and the city’s best view on the rooftopterrace.

Facaden på Pier 5 Hotel


Pier 5 is Aalborg’s new design hotel with 154 rooms and the city’s best view. The modern design is combined with the harbor outside,and you will experience that the history of the harbor is brought all the way inside.