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We offer all tastings for DKK 295.00 for 4 tastings from 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM.

Rum tasting med skotlander

Experience locally produced and award-winning rum

Whether you’re already a devoted rum enthusiast or just starting to explore the exciting world of rum, this promises to be a fun, immersive, and educational experience.

When you hear Skotlander tell the story behind each rum, the delicious drops in your glass take on a whole new dimension. And it’s not just about history. You’ll also gain a unique insight into the noble art of distilling rum and the very special methods and processes used by Skotlander – methods that have resulted in several of their different rums winning medals. Even accolades such as being named the world’s best rum!

What you learn at a rum tasting, you will remember for a long time. And rest assured, the next glass of rum in good company or in serene solitude will take on a whole new dimension with the newly acquired knowledge.

Choose from the following dates:

  • May 4th
  • June 8th
  • July 6th
skotlander romsmagning

Stauning Whisky tasting May 11th

Experience and Learn about Danish Whisky

When you attend a whisky tasting with the award-winning Danish distillery Stauning Whisky, you’re guaranteed a great atmosphere, whisky discussions, and of course, a variety of tastings.

Here, you can hear the story behind one of Denmark’s most innovative distilleries, Stauning Whisky, as they guide you through the history, pot-still production process, and, most importantly, let you taste their range of whiskies.

Stauning Whisky is an authentic and innovative whisky produced in Stauning near Skjern in West Jutland, Denmark. At Stauning Whisky, whisky is never just a product, but also a story. This can be tasted in every bottle of whisky, where the notes of the wild West Jutland nature and the deep love for local ingredients are clearly present. All of Stauning Whisky’s products are floor-malted with Danish barley and rye and distilled in copper pot stills – a unique production method that provides a distinctive flavor experience.

What started as a passion project among nine whisky-loving friends has now become an internationally recognized and award-winning whisky brand.

Read more about the products and Stauning Whisky here

Registration via email to Hotel Manager Mike Sthyr: and payment on-site.

Glengoyne Whisky Tasting on June 1st


Come join us for a tasting at Skotlands the slowest distillery – Highland-destillery Glengoyne. Glengoynes motto is Unhurried. even though the world is currently running at 200 km/h, it’s still important for Glengoyne to stay true to their unique methods and distillation processes from 1833, that they have developed over the last 200 years. Destillery in the last nearly 20 years have had a strong focus on “sustainability” – including the purification of all water used in production, before it’s returned to nature in the surrounding wetlands of the valley where the distillery is located. The name Glengoyne means in Gaelic – the valley of the wild geese Thegeese have now returned, after the focus on sustainability has been implemented.

Registration via email to Hotel Manager Mike Sthyr: and payment on-site.
Glengoyne 10

Here ,we will be tasting a Highland Whiskyat 40% which has been matured with 30% onfirst fill sherry-casks og 70% refill oak casks. If one feels like having whisky for breakfast, we’ve got that type here. Fresh and upright light whisky with aromas of apple, vanilla and toffee. It stands perfectly in a whisky highball ewith a beautiful malt character or even enjoyed all by itself just the way you prefer.

Glengoyne 12

In this 12-year-old Highland Whisky we get more sherry cask influence, as 40% has been matured in new sherry casks, and 60% in refill oak casks. 43% alcohol. provides a smoother whisky and carries a delightful spicy aroma from the cask, with notes of vanilla, apricot, and malt sweetness.. The aftertaste offers flavors of gingerbread cookies and toffee.

Glengoyne 15

After 15 years in barrelsThis Highland Whisky enters with an elegant presence. Maturity: 20 years first fill bourbon, 25% firskt fill Sherryand the remaining 55% in refill oak casks. 43% alcohol. Aroma of fresh hay, malt anddried fruit with a finish of citrus and cinnamon. Clean taste with a touch of sweetness, candied citrus vanilla and apple.

Glengoyne Legacy Chp 1(curiosityfrom the treasure trove, now sold out)

Here comes the first in a series of 3 whiskies – The Legacy series. This first one pays tribute to Cochrane Cartwright who was the managerat Glengoyne from 1869 and forward, he was the man who introduced sherry casks at the distillery That’s why this one is aged 100% in Oloroso sherry casks. 48% alcohol,Nose with toffee, dates and vanilla sugar. Full-bodied taste with beautifully balanced sweetness. And elegant vinous sherry notes.

Glengoyne Legacy Chp 2(curiosity from the treasure trove, now sold out)

This whisky is dedicated to Peter Russell who supported Cartwright’s mission for the distillery by using sherry-/bourbon casks regardless of the trends of that time.. 48% alcohol. Aged at 17% first fill sherry, 48% first fill bourbon and and finally, 35% in oak casks Hints of banana, maple syrup, peach, and coconut. – complemented by a twist of lime and mint. Creamy and well-balanced, with flavors of buttery apple cake, honey and green grape, finishing with gentle spices.

Glengoyne Legacy Chp 3

This Chapter 3 is inspired by Sir Arthur John Tedder, who contributed to shaping the rules, that govern the production of Scotch whisky today. Here, 22% has been used first fill bourbon-, 32% american sherry-, 8% European sherry- and finally 38% refill sherry- and bourbon casks. 48% alcohol. Deep sherry notes, pineapple, cinnamon, and marmalade, finishing with vanilla. Luxurious fullness with raisin, cardamom andcandied fruit. Smooth finish with a creamy vinous sherry-style.

Gin & Tonic tasting on June 29th

The taste of summer.

A Gin & Tonic in the summer keeps the soul cool and the mood warm!

Join us and learn more about an all-time favorite; GIN & TONIC.

A fun and social experience that can provide you with new discoveries – perhaps you’ll find your new favorite Gin & Tonic this day?

More information to come, but you can definitely look forward to it!

Registration via email to Hotel Manager Mike Sthyr: and payment on site.

Michter's Bourbon tasting on April 13th.

Bourbon with history.

Join us as Michter’s visits VAERFT with their historic Bourbons. It will undoubtedly be a flavorful experience filled with history. You’ll get to experience the following:

  • Michter’s US*1 Bourbon
  • Michter’s 10-year Bourbon
  • Michter’s US*1 Rye
  • Michter’s 10-year Rye
  • And Michter’s American
Registration via email to Hotel Manager Mike Sthyr: and payment on site.

Japanese tasting on March 29th

Experience Japanese specialties and Asian culture!

Come and taste, experience, and learn about Japanese whiskey, cocktails, and izakaya dishes.

The hosts are Jesper Skov from Cocktailkonsortiet and Gregory Hilton Miller from Ceramic Adventures. Jesper has been in the spirits industry for 13 years and has extensive experience with cocktails, while Gregory is a Japanese anthropologist and ceramic artist, owner of Toine Gjæstgivergaard

Jesper will provide an introduction to Japanese cocktails, and Gregory will present an overview of Japanese journeys, hotels, whiskey, sake, and breweries you can encounter on a trip from Tokyo to Sapporo, Japan, in the autumn of 2023.

Registration via SMS to 40475320. Payment is made via MobilePay to 68437 with the message ‘Japanese Cocktails 29.3’.


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