Bühlmann believe

We strive for a sustainable future

In the Bühlmann family we have a strong focus on sustainable development and how our actions impact the future. We take responsibility for protecting the environment and have therefore created theBühlmann Believe concept, which illustrates ourambitious sustainability policy across the entire group.

You can see our primary focus areas below:

  • Local and organic are our key words when it comes to choosing not only ingredients, but also partners and suppliers
  • We are constantly working towards reducing our total energy consumption
  • We care about how our fellow human beings feel and take responsibility for social sustainability
Personale på Scheelsminde

kitchens that will make a difference

Sustainability tastes great

Bühlmann kitchens are not afraid to make a difference, and this is clearly reflected in our daily work. We constantly focus on how we can make your plate sustainable and tasty at the same time.

Below you can read some of the kitchens’ green initiatives:

  • We focus on minimising food waste, organic waste and residues
  • We cooperate with Too Good To Go
  • We select kitchen equipment based on savings and efficiency
  • We have increased the amount of green dishes and use less meat
  • We focus on organic and local ingredients that are in season


We keep it organic and local

Common to all our Bühlmann’s restaurants is that the ingredients are selected with great care. Our chefs always prioritise organic and local ingredients – so you can eat and drink with a clear conscience in all our hotels.

Below you can see some of our initiatives that we follow when buying ingredients:

green collaborators

We do not compromise

For us, it is important that those we work with have a green profile that matches our values. We therefore work with producers and suppliers who are either local, organic or sustainable in their approach.

You can read more about our initiatives concerning partners below:

  • We procure on the basis of our sustainable guidelines in our procurement policy, where the priority is long-term and resource-saving products
  • We select interiors that are both certified and environmentally approved
  • We work with manufacturers and suppliers who live up to certain requirements in relation to sustainability, for example Peter Larsen Kaffe and Circular Coffee Community
  • We have increased our focus on working with local entrepreneurs to help grow businesses.


We economise

We are constantly working towards reducing our total CO2 emissions, and we constantly focus on sustainable solutions for future development. We have developed an action plan for each hotel to make sure that we are constantly evolving.

You can see examples of some of our energy-saving initiatives below:

  • We focus on minimising our energy and water consumption by, for example, using water-saving elements and energy-saving light bulbs.
  • We have minimised a large part of our paper consumption through digitisation – and the paper we use is FSC-certified
  • We recycle materials and have a minimal consumption of disposable materials
  • We buy all our electronics through Refurb, and all our computers, printers and copiers are eco-labelled
  • We opt out of environmentally harmful packaging and instead buy degradable packaging
  • We have a strong focus on informing staff as well as guests about how to reduce energy consumption
  • We always buy new products with a focus on longevity, recycling and energy consumption
  • We focus on increasing the share of sustainable energy
  • We compost our garden waste and use rainwater collectors


Gentle for both you and the enironment

At all Bühlmann hotels, we go to great lengths to use environmentally friendly textiles and cleaning products. As a guest, it is definitely something you will notice when you enter your hotel room.

You can read about our initiatives in connection with cleaning below:

  • We buy environmentally certified cleaning products and long-lasting cloths
  • We make sure to use appropriate dosages of cleaning products and always try to minimise our consumption
  • All our cleaning products and linen bear the Nordic Eco-Label
  • Our linen is washed at De Forenede Dampvaskerier due to their green profile
  • We always encourage our guests to reuse as much as possible in the rooms
  • We use environmentally friendly soaps from Meraki in our bathrooms

inclusion & education

Social sustainability that is noticeable

It is not only the environmental sustainability that we focus on. We also care deeply about how our fellow human beings feel, and believe that it is a crucial factor for a sustainable and healthy society

You can read more about our initiatives social sustainability below:

  • We focus on staff welfare and ensuring staff wellbeing
  • We deeply value proper staff training
  • We give our staff the opportunity to develop both professionally and personally
  • We contribute to educating students in various subjects and are very happy to accept interns at all our hotels
  • We support concepts where the focus is on social sustainability. For example, we collaborate with Råt & Godt


We strive for the best

We are proud to announce that 5/6 of our hotels have been certified with the recognised eco-label known as the Green KeyThis means that we meet certain environmental requirements in a large number of areas. 

In addition, 3 of our hotels have been awarded The Organic Cuisine Label in Bronze, which means that 30-60% of all the ingredients are organic.

You can see all our certifications below: 

  • Airport Hotel
  • Nørre Vosborg
  • Scheelsminde
  • Pier 5 Hotel
  • Peak 12 Hotel
  • Airport Hotel
  • Nørre Vosborg
  • Scheelsminde
  • Pier 5 Hotel
  • Peak 12 Hotel
  • Airport Hotel
  • Villa Provence
  • Peak 12 Hotel

ambitious goals

We want to make a difference

At the Bühlmann hotels, we have come a long way in terms of sustainability and green solutions, and we are of course incredibly proud of that. 

However, we must stress that sustainability is not something that is ever achieved. We are constantly evolving and improving. That is why we have set ourselves a number of ambitious targets, which we are constantly striving to achieve: 

  • We constantly focus on reducing total CO2 emissions throughout the group
  • We place emphasis on sustainable solutions for future development
  • We have a vision that all our hotels are Green Key certified by the end of 2022