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Experience the Paris of the North

Pier 5 Hotel is located on the Aalborg waterfront, making it just a few minutes away from the city’s many experiences and activities. You don’t need to go very far – right outside the hotel, you’ll find a wide range of cultural and historical experiences as well as beautiful natural surroundings.

Below, you can read about the experiences and attractions located around Pier 5 Hotel as well as in the city center of Aalborg.

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Photographer: Kim Mikael Jensen


Musikkens Hus

Musikkens Hus is located on Aalborg’s waterfront and offers unique events and grand concerts. 

Utzon Center

At the Utzon Center, you can explore exciting exhibitions in beautiful surroundings. The architecture comes to life, engaging all your senses.

Aalborg Harbor

Enjoy the beautiful waterfront in Aalborg, right outside the doors of Pier 5. Take a leisurely walk, go for a run, or simply sit on one of the many benches and savor the tranquility.


Nordkraft is a cultural center in Aalborg where you can experience everything from events, concerts, markets, and movies to dining options and various sports activities.


Aalborg Harbor is the largest harbor on Limfjorden and is home to various attractions including Musikkens Hus, Pier 5 Hotel, Utzon Center, and several green spaces.

Good Restaurants

Taste Aalborg

We recommend

There are numerous excellent dining options throughout Aalborg, catering to various tastes and preferences. Below, you can read more about the various dining establishments that we recommend.


  • Restaurant Bühlmann (read below)
  • Tabu
  • Restaurant Fauna
  • Restaurant Fusion

We also recommend

  • Det Glade Vanvid
  • Cafe Vi2
  • Penny Lane


  • VAERFT Cocktail Bar
  • Scheelsmindes Cocktail Bar


  • Karma Sushi
  • Grillen Burgerbar

Restaurant Bühlmann

Award-winning gourmet

Restaurant Bühlmann is located at the historic Scheelsminde Manor and offers award-winning gourmet and à la carte dining in beautiful surroundings. At Restaurant Bühlmann, the finest seasonal ingredients are handpicked and used to create gastronomic sensory experiences. The manor’s Swiss roots and history are important elements when creating reinterpreted culinary experiences.

Restaurant Bühlmann sets the stage for the perfect evening, with its beautiful location just above the manor park, where many of the menu’s ingredients are grown and harvested. The park, greenhouse, terrace, wine cellar, and the various nooks of the house are also seamlessly incorporated into your overall sensory experience.



Kunsten Museum of Modern Art is a contemporary art museum where you can experience creative art exhibitions, online shops, workshops, and lectures.


Østerådalen is a beautiful natural area located just a few kilometers from the city center. The area covers over 100 hectares and offers lakes, meadows, and a rich birdlife.


Kildeparken is one of Aalborg’s oldest parks and offers a variety of activities throughout the year. You can experience fountains, classical artworks, and the popular singing trees.

Aalborg Zoo

Near Aalborg city center, you’ll find Aalborg Zoo – a charming animal park spanning 8 hectares in size. The park is home to more than 1,500 animals from around 126 different species.


Aalborg Congress & Culture Center (AKKC) is Aalborg’s largest cultural venue, used for music and theater performances, meetings and conferences, as well as fairs and exhibitions.


At the burial site of Lindholm Høje in Nørresundby, you’ll find the Viking Museum. Here you can experience graves and archaeological findings from the Iron Age and Viking Age. 

Friis Shoppingcenter

Just a few meters from Aalborg’s waterfront, you’ll find the Friis Shopping Center. Here, you can shop for fashion, home and lifestyle products, and experience delightful restaurants throughout the weekdays.

Budolfi kirke

Budolfi Church is Aalborg’s cathedral and is centrally located on Budolfi Square. Even though it is the smallest cathedral in Denmark, it offers a fantastic carillon.

Did you know?

Copyright: Destination NORD
Photographer: Patrick Bo Elkjært / Sofie Steensen Nielsen


Founded in 1035

When visiting Aalborg, there’s no doubt that it’s a relatively old city – but did you know that it’s actually one of Denmark’s oldest cities? It is believed that Aalborg was founded around 1035.

Even back then, the city had a strategic location by the Limfjord, making it a natural hub for trade and industry, which Aalborg quickly became known for at the time. In fact, the city had a long-standing negative reputation as a traditional industrial town, with a focus on cement production and aquavit distillation.

Today, industry has been replaced by culture, and Aalborg offers a wide range of exciting experiences and activities.

Current Events

Throughout the year, you can experience exciting events and attractions in Aalborg.
Below, you can explore the many possibilities.